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One of the biggest deals about converting to another game engine mid-development has caused a lot of concerns with our community and ourselves included. We are working on making the best out of our game in a very powerful game engine. In recent news, our programmer, EmptyWasher has stepped down from programming and helping us out with animation! SpawnStorm, our programming consultant has stepped up to the plate as lead/core gameplay programmer for Unity since he is most knowledgeable in C# and Unity.

Plugins we are exploring at the moment: 

TDE: Top Down Engine. Much of the gameplay in this engine has a lot of our mechanics functioning. This will definitely speed up the process.

InControl - Acts as an input manager. According to our sources, this is a very effective control configuration. 

Forge - We're looking into networking and multiplayer in Unity while we're at it. Online options in GMS2 with a few other features we wanted were a lot more challenging but we're hoping for more feasibility in this transition.

This has been a pretty rough transition. We appreciate your patience while we duke it out. Expecting a survival mode in Unity to be completed by February. Thank you!

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