Unity Transition

For the past two weeks, we have been diving into Unity and considering the possibility of converting our game. It's been a bit of a struggle with GMS2 and all of its glory but we're hoping to unleash more features using the Unity game engine. Our programmers have been debating about this for a while and there are plenty of Pros and Cons with the switch. 

Some pros

  1. Real programming language, C#
  2. Easier platform to run, less bloated
  3. More tutorials and much larger community
  4. Free (even though we already invested in GMS2 licenses)
  5. The possibility of making more suitable games in the future
  6. We don't have to worry about GMS2's surfaces
  7. Possible online multiplayer, easier to develop for
  8. Game's framework is practically completed in GMS2
  9. UI management is easier
  10. Controller configuration is easier


  1. Extended development time
  2. Unknown territory, framework
  3. Networking is still going to be hard regardless of what we do
  4. Money burnt on GMS2... ?

Overall, we're hoping to build the game to our vision of what it should be versus what it was cut down to. Many of our features were removed because of the limitations we were dealing with in GMS2. We're hoping to do much more with our game.

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