One Year Later Build

Convention Summary
The convention was a success! Although, we did have some last minute updates while the convention was taking place. At some point, we had issues with too many enemies spawning, enemies being able to walk outside the map and eventually crashing the level. We were able to put together a strong enough build with a new menu system, updated music, and plenty of bug fixes as well as temporary fixes. 

One player actually managed to get to the "impossible wave" after playing it for more than 30 minutes! After the fixes were made, the game was much more playable and we had even less crashes.

Next Convention
Delta H Con in September. 
We won't be doing Matsuri in 2020 mostly because of a wedding date. We're really hoping our next convention would be PAX South. Stick around!

Currently, working on...
Keen_Khuong on Boss animations for the campaign.
Dots on updated UI and final boss sprites.
antimatter on dynamic UI and menus.
Emptywasher on bugs, enemy path finding, new enemies.

Updated Bug and QA list:
I've simplified our project management tasks to the QA list below. If you would like to add suggestions, questions, and critiques; let us know!

1. Shoot Melee Too Fast
2. Revive and death at same time
3. Music stops during character selection screen
4.  Weapons randomly don't work 5. Enemies currently swarm at the center in survival
6. Controller disconnect causes control problems
7. Anna's rifle reduced piercing to 2 or 3 units
8. Each survival wave start respawns (1) dead player
9. Color changes don't affect some of the maid uniforms completely
10. More obvious revival/rescue
11. Disable player waypoints when players are dead (unrescuable)
12. Melee art effects to be more 'extended' 13. Melee mechanics act like shooting mechanics
14. Smaller collision boxes for players
15. Removed collision box/hurt on Sebastian
16. Enemies stuck in streets and other objects
17. Player ready screen, more obvious "we're waiting on you!" moments
18. Enable enemy waypoints when players haven't killed or shot at enemies for a while. 19. Destructible shooting range
20. Vibrating controllers when hit, enable/disable in options screen
21. Display player number and color at start of game
22. Switch melee button with LT instead of A
23. Grenades should drop by chance 24. Fix iFrames on characters
25. Character color changes too fast
26. Spawning astart zoom in on character spawning animations
27. Play subtle sfx per wave start
28. Display "NO AMMO!" when player tries shooting w/o ammo
29. Can't shoot sometimes after using abilities
30. Auto-revives after each wave in survival
31. Mio stealth bug, game confuses stealth and death sometimes
32. Mio hurt from previous game damaged when survival is retried
33. Right analog press melee
34. Add vibration when hit
35. Display player number and color at start of game
36. Expressionless characters
37. Obvious reloading (feedback)
38. Knockback sends enemies and/or players outside of bounds

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Jun 28, 2019

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