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Super Maid Brigade is a 4 Player CO-OP 2D top down shooter with an elite fighting force known as the Maid Brigade. Their mission: cleaning up the universe of evil with modern military gadgets and tools. 


  • Local Couch CO-OP allows for up to four players
  • Four different worlds to fight in; forest,  arctic, and urban environments
  • Five unique characters with their own abilities and weapons
  • An extra survival mode where players must work together as long as possible fighting off swarm of enemies
  • Player vs. Player Combat!

Scheduled for 2020...

Game is expected to be released in 2020. Our prototype is in the works until May, we're aiming for online multiplayer but that is super tentative. An alpha release is in the works and we'll have a working game by April.

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Install instructions

You will need to decompress or extract the file. Currently the game only works on Windows PC with Xbox 360/Xbox One Controller. 


smb_build_proposed_223_b.zip 11 MB

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Controls felt really smooth in game and is a lot of fun.  Here's some initial feedback:

  • A splash/loading screen to provide immediate launch feedback, first time I started the app 3 times before the app loaded for the first time
  • The ability to hold controller left/right to adjust sound rather than pressing left 70x times to from from 100 -> 30

I'll report more as I try out all of the characters!


Thanks for the response! The team has been notified and we look forward to adjusting those changes in our new build! If you haven't heard (which is what I'll be blogging about soon), we'll testing out the waters with the Unity game engine.